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Inga MacKellar MSc


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Adoption Assessments
Dog owners wishing to adopt or foster children are often required to undertake an assessment of their dogs. Inga is able to offer this service which is designed primarily for dogs but may also be used for cats.


The assessment process involves a visit to the home lasting approximately one and a half hours.


A written report is subsequently sent to the agency, or the client, requesting the assessment and includes:


  • Owner experience and relationship with the animal(s)


  • Exposure and behaviour in various social situations, training background, and health issues


  • Practical considerations regarding home environment


  • Temperament and behaviour with members of the household, visitors, general public, and children (0-5yrs, 5-10yrs, 10+years)


  • A professional opinion on the risks these animals present to children, particularly those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


  • Advice regarding the introduction of children and animals




    Please note: Inga is unable to accept any new clients at the moment 

    The cost for this service is £120 plus mileage at 40p per mile.

    Please contact Inga to make an appointment. Assessment form pdf