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Inga MacKellar MSc


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Inga is available for appointments seven days a week, during the day. She is unable to do evening appointments. If you would like to book a consultation, either telephone (preferable) 01874 638249 or email to book a date and time. Prior to (ideally), or after speaking to Inga, contact your veterinary surgeon and explain that your pet has behaviour problems and you would like a referral to Inga MacKellar.


Your vet will then telephone, send or fax a letter or referral form to Inga, or may give you the referral form to pass on. You may also take a referral form to your vet for him/her to complete. Your pet's medical history will normally also be supplied to Inga.


Click here for a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons approved referral form


Your appointment will be confirmed in writing on receipt of the required deposit.


A follow up telephone consultation, to assess progress, is scheduled for five to six weeks after the consultation. However, Inga is available for clients should they have any concerns or wish clarification on any part of the programme.


As it is vital to correctly diagnose the behaviour problem it is only possible to give advice over the phone after a personal behaviour consultation. If you have any queries or points that you would like clarified, prior to booking an appointment, please do not hesitate to call.


Please note: Inga is unable to accept any new clients at the moment