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Inga MacKellar MSc


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Consultations are held at the owner’s home. Clients are only seen on
veterinary referral to ensure that there is no physical cause for the
behaviour problem.

A consultation takes approximately 2 hours, during which time a full history of the pet is taken and the problem behaviour assessed. Ideally, all members of the household should attend so that everyone’s relationship with the pet can be observed.


At the end of the consultation a diagnosis is made, the motivation for the behaviour explained and outline advice given to the owners. Recommendations are tailored to the client’s personal circumstances and only kind, reward based methods are used.



A comprehensive written Behaviour Modification Plan is subsequently sent to the owner, normally within ten days. The referring veterinary surgeon also receives a Consultation Report, a copy of which is also supplied to the client.


    Normally only one personal consultation is necessary



Please note: Inga is unable to accept any new clients at the moment