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Dog behaviour problems vary enormously by type and also severity of problem. What is acceptable behaviour to some owners is unacceptable to others. Dog behaviour can have a huge impact not only on the owners but also on friends and neighbours and society at large. Problem dogs can fuel dog prejudice amongst the non dog owning public and, in some cases, such as severe aggression, injuries can be caused to a third party, which may then result in law involvement.


Common problems include:


  • Aggression towards people, children, other animals or other dogs
  • Aggression towards the owner
  • Aggression between dogs in the same household
  • Noise phobias (thunder, fireworks, guns, traffic etc.) and sound sensitivity
  • Barking at home, or in the car
  • Food or toy guarding or possessive behaviour over stolen items
  • Chasing (livestock, cats, postmen, cyclists etc.), which can have legal implications
  • House soiling and indoor urine marking
  • Separation problems
  • Handling problems, such as aggression when groomed or on veterinary examination



If your dog is displaying any of the above or any other behaviour problem that is of concern to you, then help is available. 


Please note: Inga is unable to accept any new clients at the moment