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There are many hundreds of pet related organisations and charities. The links on this page are a number of charities and rescue organisations that I support, have had some dealings with, or am interested in, together with webites that may be of interest to dog and cat owners. Inclusion in this links page does not necessarily imply recommendation. At the bottom of the page there are also links to a few news items.
TREVOR COOPER: Considered to be the leading dog law expert in the UK.
WADARS: A local rescue charity, based in Worthing, West Sussex. I obtained my three cats, Joe, Bruno and Lloyd from WADARS in July 2008. All were ten years old, and had been in the cattery for a long time due to their behavioural problems and because, sadly, homes are often difficult to find for older cats. Joe had been at the cattery for over ten months and was always overlooked by prospective owners as he would immediately hiss and run away from strangers.
Joe very stressed and unhappy at
the rescue centre
Joe relaxed and happy in his new home
KIT WILSON TRUST: Based near Uckfield in East Sussex.
RAYSTEDE: Based in Ringmer, nr Lewes, East Sussex
TERRIER RESCUE: An organisation specialising in re-homing terriers, particularly working breeds such as Patterdales. I frequently see terriers in my consultations. Many owners are unaware of their tenacious and feisty character and problems can develop if they receive insufficient stimulation. I own three rescue terrier crosses, Ollie, Barney and Daisy.
Barney cooling off
IRISH SETTER BREEDERS' CLUB RESCUE: We obtained our second Irish Setter, Henry, at six months old, from this organisation in 1996. Henry remained with us, until September 2010, having reached the grand old age of nearly fourteen and a half.
Henry at the age of ten
Henry in July 2010 enjoying his favourite sofa
GREYHOUNDS IN NEED: A UK based charity helping ex racing Greyhounds and, particularly, ex hunting Galgos from Spain.
KENNEL CLUB RESCUE DIRECTORY: A useful source of information for anyone looking to rescue or re-home a specific breed. The Kennel Club also produce a printed directory of breed rescue organisations.
Daisy with our Springer, Meg
MANY TEARS: A rescue organisation based in Wales specialising in finding homes for ex breeding dogs.
BIG GSD: Specialising in helping German Shepherd dogs, both in the UK and Ireland. Local groups arrange regular walks for GSD owners to socialise their dogs. Walk details can be found at the bottom of the Forum page.
CINNAMON TRUST: A wonderful charity that helps elderly and terminally ill people look after and keep their pets. They also try to home pets whose owners' have died, or can offer the pet a lifelong sanctuary. The charity is always looking for volunteers to help, be it to walk or feed pets in the owner's home or to temporarily foster an animal. We obtained Ollie, our terrier cross, after fostering him when his owner suddenly went into hospital. She subsequently died and as Ollie had settled in well - he stayed!