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Inga MacKellar MSc


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With the growing interest in pet behaviour, there are now many courses available at a variety of academic and non academic levels and many people are advertising themselves as behaviourists or dog or cat 'whisperers', some with little or no qualifications or experience.
In order to ensure the highest welfare for pets and to offer a knowledgable and professional service, Inga has ensured that she has attained the highest qualifications possible and holds a Masters Degree: Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University. She was one of the first behaviourists to become a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist and she is a Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).

She works closely with the veterinary profession and only accepts clients on veterinary referral to ensure that there are no underlying medical problems causing or exacerbating a behaviour problem. Because of her qualifications most pet insurance companies will cover the cost of a consultation with Inga.


Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling is a relatively new discipline and there is much ongoing research in the subject. As a professional behaviourist, Inga  ensured she received regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development). This was attained through attending conferences and seminars as well as through extensive reading.
Inga has attended many behaviour related events so that she has up to date knowledge of the most recent research and behavioural techniques. She regularly adds to her extensive behaviour library .
  • Events attended include CABTSG  (now known as the British Veterinary Behaviour Association) conference, held alongside the BSAVA (Britiish Small Animal Veterinary Association) conference, many APBC events as well as other, individual, related, seminars, such as the British Dermatalogy Study Group Meeting on Behaviour (2007). She has attended relevant International Cat Care  conferences. Inga ensures that she is up to date with current legislation and attended a seminar on Dog Law in June 2010 held by Trevor Cooper of Cooper & Co. Solicitors, who is acknowledged as being the leading expert on dog law in the UK.


  • Inga has also attended numerous international conferences such as the International Congress of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine, (Vancouver, Canada 2001 and Edinburgh, Scotland 2009) the European Congress on Companion Animal Behavioural Medicine, (Granada, Spain 2002, Cremona, Italy 2004, Marseille, France 2005, Ghent, Belgium 2006) and a European Society of Feline Medicine conference (Prague, Czech Republic 2006).


 Inga subscribes  to International Cat Care
She also has a degree in Marketing and has many years experience in the advertising and magazine publishing industries.